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allysonpickles's Journal

12 January
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i'm 14 and a freshman at PNGHS. right now, my life is great. i couldn't ask for more. God is number one in my life, and always will be. I go to him for anything and everything. I attend Fellowship Baptist in Nederland and i have been since i was a baby. I love it and i love all the people that go there. i have a few really close friends and i'm constantly making new friends. i love meeting new people. i don't let people mess with me or try to boss me around. i'm short, but i will stick up for myself in any situation. you'll most likely catch me smiling or laughing all the time. i laugh at almost anything, even if its not funny. i love the color orange, and the number 4. i pretty much live on xbox live, i'm almost always on. if you want my gamertag just message me. i also looooove watching movies. i like comedies mostly. All my pets are like my family. And i love them all to death! i love music. i pretty much listen to anything, except not that much rap or screamo. my favorite bands right now are school boy humor and emery. they are amazing, so go check them out. I like to take pictures of random things that i see. Most of the time i'm being a spaz. I have a fear of bridges. & snakes!