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August 5, 2009
Okay, so i know its early in the day to be writing, since not much has happened. But i still feel like writing [or typing i guess] So anyways, i spent the night at Aayesha's last night, it was fun! This morning i went with her to the dentist and the lady cleaning her teeth was a total physco! SERIOUSLY, she was sitting there singing the whole time, and ripping Aayesha's mouth apart, so gross. She was just bleeding everywhere. And the lady made some weird joke about how it looked like they were getting in a fight and she was winning. And then after she was done she was like, "Aayesha you are so awesome! I wish all of my 600 customers were like you!" Awkward. So after that, i came home and finished rewriting all my stuff for THE GAY HOBBIT. Its sad that i had to compare myself to Bilbo because he's short and i am too. I have nothing to do today. Sad :[


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