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Don't you hate when you need to pee, but you don't feel like getting up to do it? Yeah, i'm feeling that right now. So Aayesha reminded me that livejournal stills exists. So i decided to come and write. Even though she's the only one who will ever possibly be interested in reading this? Well Julie is about to be over at my house & while i'm at school tomorrow, she is going to be at my house alone. How sad. Earlier Austen got mad at me because i called him a nerd. HA. Wow, speakiing of, i have my itunes on shuffle and comatose started playing. coincidence? i don't feel like capitalizing stuff anymore. in class today me and mrs. meier were talking about how if you were afraid of the dark and the light you would probably wear sunglasses during the day so it was somewhere in the middle. then it got me thinking of the happy medium from a wrinkle in time! so me, carli, and grant had a conversation about that and how in 6th grade theater arts we had these weird poem things to memorize and we all sorta knew parts of different ones [beast]. next period mrs. wiggins was saying she was glad that christmas holidays are coming up so she won't have to see us anymore. but i know she was just talking about them because i'm so good in her class! haha, during lunch there was this random HUGE can of fruit cocktail sitting on the table. we realized that the reason they named it that is because fruit [gay guy] cock -->tail. if you don't understand that then i don't know how else to explain. in mr. hebert's classs everyone was freaking out because i finished my word search really fast like i usually do. last period was so funny. first my and nathan were drawing pictures for each other and guessing what they were. then steve put his flash drive in the computer and showed us a picture of his pregnant mom, and we were like, she has your teeth! & THEN he ate like, 5 sheets of paper! and told us he could probably eat one of the pictionary cards. and then i pointed to a piece of paper and said eat that, but he misunderstood me and picked up the laptop and was pretending like he was going to eat it! and then bryan's word was captain hook and he drew the captain morgan pose & a hoook and i was like, "SAMUEL ADAMS!" and then nathan was like, "HAHAHAAH. CAPTAIN MORGAN!" and we were alll laughing at my stupidity. wellll i just drank a bunch of hot chocolate so now i have to pee even moreee :[ BYEEEE<3

August 5, 2009
Okay, so i know its early in the day to be writing, since not much has happened. But i still feel like writing [or typing i guess] So anyways, i spent the night at Aayesha's last night, it was fun! This morning i went with her to the dentist and the lady cleaning her teeth was a total physco! SERIOUSLY, she was sitting there singing the whole time, and ripping Aayesha's mouth apart, so gross. She was just bleeding everywhere. And the lady made some weird joke about how it looked like they were getting in a fight and she was winning. And then after she was done she was like, "Aayesha you are so awesome! I wish all of my 600 customers were like you!" Awkward. So after that, i came home and finished rewriting all my stuff for THE GAY HOBBIT. Its sad that i had to compare myself to Bilbo because he's short and i am too. I have nothing to do today. Sad :[


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